Sneaker Juice

Sneaker Juice

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Magician borrows a child’s sneaker and pours water into it. The water is really going in! Then the magician shakes the sneaker a little mixing the water inside the sneaker. He then places a plastic cup, mouth up, into the sneaker and when he removes the cup it is full of sneaker juice – brown and wet! He then drinks the sneaker juice to the disgust of his audience.


You need two clear plastic cups which hold about 3 or 4 ounces. They are about 3” tall. Make sure the cups are clear. You may have trouble finding these in a store. If so, then look for a food store that sells drinks and these cups might be used to give samples. Try a coffee bar, a juice bar that sells shots of wheat grass, a supermarket samples stand, even your dentist. Now, rinse!

These 3.5 ounce cups are small so they fit into the sneaker of a child. If you can’t find the small cups then buy the smallest clear cups you can find and use the shoe of an adult.

To one cup cut off the rounded top, just under the rolled lip. This is Cup A. To the other cup cut out the bottom of the cup. Leave a little lip but cut out the middle of the bottom. This is cup B.

Place a sprinkle of Grape Kool-aid powder drink mix into the bottom of Cup A. Slide Cup B into Cup A. This now looks like only one cup.


In the middle of your show say, “It’s time for me to take my medicine. It tastes terrible but my mother makes me take it. Do you know what my medicine is? It is Sneaker Juice.” Ask to borrow a child’s sneaker. Borrow one which closes using velcro. This way when you return the sneaker you won’t have an “I can’t tie it” situation. Pick up your prepared cups holding it around the bottom, thus hiding the hole and the Kool-aid powder.

Say, “I have to make sure your sneaker is big enough for my cup.” Place your cups into the sneaker just for a second and leave behind Cup A. Make sure Cup A is low enough in the sneaker that it is not visible, but high enough that you can pour the water in accurately.

Take another cup filled with water or a bottle of water and pour it gently into the sneaker and into Cup A. Try to hold the water bottle about five inches or so above the sneaker so the audience can see the water is actually going in. Place the water bottle on the table.

Now shake the sneaker gently like you are trying to stir up the water in the sneaker. The Grape Kool-aid powder will mix with the water and make the water look black. Point to the toe area of the sneaker and say, “All the sneaker juice is accumulating down here.” This is a nice visual to reinforce the water is really in the sneaker. Wave your hand over the sneaker and say the magic words. Then take Cup B and place it into the sneaker and into Cup A. The cups will nest. Hold the top of the two cups tightly between your thumb and index finger and remove both cups. Keep your other fingers away from the cups so the audience can see the black water in it. Say, “And all the sneaker juice jumps into the cup and the sneaker is dry!” Turn sneaker upside down to show sneaker is dry. Toss sneaker back to child.

Look at the audience and say, “And now I will drink the sneaker juice.” Then look at the cup, consider it, and change your mind. “This is disgusting. I don’t want to drink it. Do you think I should drink it?” Kids will yell, “Yes.” Bring the cup to your lips, pause, then change your mind. “No, I cant drink it!” Kids will insist. Wave your hand at your nose like you smelled something awful. Bring cup back to your lips, pause, then change your mind again. “No, it’s disgusting.” Kids will insist again.

Hold the cup in your right hand and hold your nose with your other hand. Turn to the right so you are in profile. Bring the cup slowly to your lips and slowly drink the contents. Keep your fingers clear from the cup so the audience can see that you are actually drinking it.

To end the routine, finish drinking the sneaker juice, and then smile and start to say, “Deeeelicious!” But only say the Deee part. Then mid-word make a sour face and finish by saying, “Disgusting!” So it will sound like Deeeee-sgusting. Say it nice and loud and end as though you have eaten something gross.

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