Personal Coaching

Do you want to take your show to the next level but don’t know how to get there? Do you want to book 10, 20, or even 30 shows a month? Are you disappointed with the reactions you are getting from the kids and parents?

If so, then David Kaye’s Private One-On-One Consultation is for you.

Do you have the kids in the palm of your hand during your show? Do the parents come up to you after your show and ask for your card? Is the phone ringing off the hook because of your tremendous word of mouth?

If not, then David Kaye’s Private One-On-One Consultation is for you.

Malcolm Gladwell said that to become an expert at something you must do it for 10,000 hours. Well David Kaye has performed more than 10,000 shows! And has put in thousands more hours inventing tricks, writing routines, and writing about performing magic for children. David is an expert at entertaining children with magic and comedy. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you can have a private consultation with one of the country’s best kid show magicians.

David Kaye presents a great new way to make you a better magician, a funnier magician, and take your magic shows to the next level. David Kaye’s Private One-On-One Consultation. There’s simply no better way to improve your performance than one-on-one instruction from a master teacher.

Be better faster.

Asking for help from the right teacher can shave years off your learning curve. Why make the same mistakes everyone else makes when you can ask someone who has the experience to guide you away from mistakes and get your show better, faster.  Don’t waste time or money trying to do it on your own. Don’t waste time and money watching worthless magic DVDs or reading the wrong books which teach you nothing useful. Now you don’t have to!

Entertaining children with magic is more than just doing tricks the way the instructions tell you to. There are the jokes and theatrical moments that you add that make seeing the trick a truly memorable experience for the kids.  The trick instructions don’t teach you this. And this information is what will set you apart from all the other magicians and clowns your audience has seen before.

I am talking about changing the experience of watching you perform magic into a deeply memorable event for the children. One they will be talking about for years, and begging their parents to hire you for their party.
I wish I had an opportunity like this in my first years as a children’s magician. I could have learned so much more, so much faster. Instead I had to learn over several years and hundreds of shows. But you don’t have to.


“Thanks for teaching me how to make kids scream to the bottom of their lungs and laugh their heart out!”        – LR


Why is David Kaye the right teacher for you?

There are a lot of great magicians but very few great magic teachers. David has taught thousands of magicians through his books, DVDs, and live lectures. David’s book, Seriously Silly, has been hailed as THE book to read if you want to perform magic for kids. Did you know that Seriously Silly is the textbook for the children’s magic course at the University of Magic in South Korea?

David has written 100 columns in Magic magazine. In each column he taught an important principle in children’s magic and then taught a routine that uses that principle. He knows how to teach magicians. If you want to be a better magician for children then you need the right teacher.

David Kaye is the only kid show magician in the world to appear on the covers of six different magic magazines. (Very few magicians, of any kind, have achieved that recognition!) David was the only kid show magician to be selected as a coach on the TV series Celebracadabra, and the only kid show magician to be hand picked to appear at the prestigious EMC. And David is the only magician to appear at both recent IBM/SAM Combined Conventions. And he has performed at the White House, Lincoln Center, and on the David Letterman Show.

In April of 2014 David was recognized by the Academy of Magical Arts with the Performing Fellowship Award. Other recipients of this award include Cardini, Slydini, Penn and Teller, and Doug Henning. David is the first children’s magician in history to receive this award.

David has performed for the families of the most famous people in the world. Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and Eddie Murphy have all hired David to entertain their children.

David Kaye has taught his secret techniques to thousands of magicians in a dozen countries around the world. He knows how to teach which saves you even more time and money.


        “Wow! I am heavily indebted to the generosity of David Kaye’s expertise, not only in his DVDs and book, but also through coaching. He has taken me from square one and blasted me forward. David affirmed what I did well and made suggestions on how to make my show better. He patiently coached me step by step and made every effort so that my show is the best in town! My time spent with David has made my show 10 times more professional and funnier! Thank you, David for helping to launch my career and helping me create many more happy and laughing kids. If you want to have the best kids show in town there’s no better person to get coached by than the best, David Kaye!”               -GB


Who is the best candidate for  David Kaye’s Private One-On-One Consultation?

True Beginner.
Brand new to magic? Are you a face painter or balloon artist who wants to add magic to your show? But you don’t know where to start. Turn your random stabs at which tricks to do into a solid plan with a list of great tricks that you can do immediately. David will teach you how to do the tricks and soon you will be making the kids laugh really hard and go “woah.”

Beginner Plus.
Beginners who are still trying to find their footing. Have you done 20-30 shows and you think magic for kids is for you? Then work with David and he can shave years off your learning curve. Turn the bunch of tricks you already do into a real magic show that sells itself!

Intermediate level performers who are ready to become a powerhouse of unstoppable shows. Become the guy all the others “just don’t know how he gets so many shows.” If you have been doing magic for kids for a year, two years, five years, then get ready to rock your competition.


“Thanks! You are the greatest. When they laughed at my show, it was because of you….YOU’RE AWESOME DAVID!!!!”         – RR


What can I learn from a Private One-on-One Consultation?

Choose which goals you are after from these three categories.

1. Complete Show Transformation.

Take your show to the next level! David Kaye will watch a video of your show, analyzing every detail of your magic performance including the tricks, patter, blocking, your costume, set, sound, comedy, and interaction with the children. Then you will talk with David and he will tell you dozens and dozens of ways to improve your show.

It is difficult for most people to see for themselves the problems with their show. That’s why people use directors. Even the pros. A director can see problems you can’t see. You really won’t believe how many big and little changes you can make to your show, transforming it from a bunch of tricks into a real, exciting, funny magic show.

2. Create a New Routine.

Are you working on your own original routine and you know it can be better? Finally turn that new routine into a feature part of your show. Tell David about your routine and he will take your ideas and create a hilarious 5-7 minute routine for you. Then you will meet with David and he will teach you the new routine to make it a real standout part of your show.

3. Private Q&A Session.

Would you like advice but you have no one to ask? Do you have so many questions about what to do, but no one to answer them? Then make a long list of questions and ask someone who has 10,000 shows under his belt. What are the best tricks to perform for kids? How do I perform magic for children 8, 9, 10 years old? How do I keep the parents quiet during my show? Which Change Bag is the best one? How do I keep the kids from saying, “I know that trick.” What other books and videos can I learn from? Ask any question on any facet of kid shows and get all your answers in one short session.


“I am a fan of David Kaye’s work from Ireland and want to take this opportunity to thank him for challenging and changing my view toward children’s magic shows. He has made such a difference in my view point as a magician that I have begun to accept bookings for children’s magic shows instead of referring them on to somebody else. Thank you for your teaching resources that has helped influence this change in my magic experience.”         – AL


What does this cost?

1.  Complete Show Transformation. Starting at $125

Video Viewing Fee $100.
David will watch your video several times and then evaluate your show. He will take pages and pages of notes with dozens of ideas and changes to make your show better.

Private Consultation $100 per hour
Once David has concluded his review of your show you will talk with him on the phone or on Skype and he will explain all the ideas he has for your show. The price for the One-on-One Consultation is $100 per hour. No minimum. If David has only 15 minutes of feedback for you, then you pay only $25.


2. Create a New Routine. $100

Introductory Meeting – Tell David what your ideas for your new routine are, or show him a video.
David Writes the Routine
David tells you what he came up with and teaches you the routine.


3. Private Q&A Session. $100 per hour

David will talk to you on the phone and answer all your questions for $100 per hour, prorated.


You can fundamentally change your show for less than $200. Think about that. For the price of one new trick, David can transform your show. If David can improve your show, your character, your script, your tricks, and this leads to only one or two new shows booked as a result, then you have earned your money back! And with the information David can teach you that will be no problem at all.

Plus! All Private Consultation clients get 15% off their next order on David’s web store. You save more money here too!


What kinds of specific things can I learn?

Learn how to be funnier, making the kids laugh continuously from the very start of your show to the end.
Learn how to get more shows by saying a few simple lines during your performance.
Learn how to increase your Interactions Per Minute.
Learn how to get the children’s attention and hold it for a full hour.
Learn how to be a better magician, getting gasps from your audience.
Learn what tricks get the biggest reactions from both the kids and the adults.
Learn how to keep the parents quiet, and make sure the older brother doesn’t ruin your show.
Learn how to create an original character, with a unique look, and a great name.
Learn which books and videos will teach you what you need without wasting your time.
Learn how to turn a bunch of tricks into a Magic Show.


Yes! I want to become better faster! What do I do now?

Write David an email with the subject Private Consultation. ( In the email simply write that you are ready to take your magic show to a new level. David will write back and ask you a few questions to get a sense of what you want to learn. Answer those questions in an email, include your phone number, and within 48 hours David will call you to to go over what you want to learn and talk about getting a video to him.

Let’s do this!