Lectures and Conventions

David Kaye is available to lecture for your club or convention.

Convention Appearances

David has lectured at dozens of conventions including these:

  • IBM/SAM Combined
  • SAM National
  • Abbott’s
  • PCAM
  • TAOM
  • Magic Live!
  • Magi-Fest
  • KIDabra
  • IMX
  • Blackpool
  • Hong Kong
  • British Ring
  • Denmark (Pegani)
  • Israel (MARS)
  • Austrian National Convention
  • South African National Convention
  • Japan National Convention
  • Buenos Aires

Lecture Topics

David has many lectures to choose from. For a longer club lecture slot he chooses several from the list. Feel free to choose which lectures you feel would be most appropriate for your group. The list below is a list of all the different lectures David can present for your event. Click here for a Full Description of the lectures listed below.

Four General Kid Show Magic Lectures

These are the feature lectures.

  • The Six Most Important Principles for Performing Magic for Children
  • How To Perform Magic for Children
  • The Comedy Pyramid
  • Creating Five-Minute Routines In Just Five Minutes

Six Narrow Focused, Full-Length Lectures

Give your attendees a lecture they haven’t seen before.

  • Power Marketing for Magicians
  • How To Solve the Top Ten Problems of Performing for Children
  • Psychological Explanations for Children’s Magic Theory
  • The First Century of Children’s Magic
  • Running Gags and How To Catch Them
  • How To Offend Your Audience

Six Short, TED-Style Lectures

These are short, 15-minute lectures. Mix and Match!

  • How You Can Profoundly Affect Your Audience During a Magic Show for Children
  • What Can a Jack in the Box Teach Us About Performing Magic?
  • The Kid Show Triangle
  • How To Be More Creative
  • Racist Children’s Magic From the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s
  • What Bruce Springsteen Can Teach Us About Performing Magic For Children

All-Day Intensive Workshop

Often David will arrive the day before the convention (or stay on) to present a Master Class in kid show magic. A small number of serious students will experience an intimate day with one of the leaders in children’s magic. Usually lasting four to five hours, this is an extra fee event for the convention attendees. The convention organizers provide the space and the promotion to the convention attendees.  In exchange the  fee is split between David and the convention organizing group.

Stage Performance In Your Gala Show

Get more bang for your buck. If David lectures at your convention he is also able to perform in your evening shows doing one of these two acts.

Family Magic Show

If you are putting on a stage show with the public invited, with children in the audience, then I can do material from my regular family magic show that I do professionally. This is the material I do everyday for paying customers. A solid act, of any amount of time that you need. One small side table. No mess, one sound cue.

OG The Magnificent

Og the Magnificent is a seven-minute comedy act for your evening show. (It’s not a kids act, it’s for everyone.) It is a spoof act, funny to magicians. The premise is that Og was found frozen in a glacier. He lived on Earth 30,000 years ago, and was likely the first magician on the planet. He has just been defrosted and is appearing at your convention for his comeback performance. His act is full of references to modern magic icons, but done with caveman props. It is very funny. Feel free to request a video. (7 minutes long, two sound cues, one table, some sticks left behind on the stage and a little water.)

Silent Comedy Clown Act

This is a silent (to music) comedy clown act for your show for the public created as an option for convention stage shows when he appears in a non-english speaking country. Dressed like Silly Billy, David enters the theater from the back of the room, pulls a child from the audience (pre-arranged), and brings him up to the stage for seven minutes of comedy, starring the child. David  More suitable for a gala show whose audience is comprised of magicians and laymen, both adults and children. Not meant for a show with only magicians. (7 minutes long, no sound cues, one table, no mess left behind.)

Performance In Your Close Up Show

I have created an act so you can put me in your close up show. This act is about a magician being audited by the tax department. And funny, magical things happen as he defends his deductions. It’s not kid show stuff. An act for all ages. Plays at close up or parlor sized room. 8 minutes.