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Seriously Silly

Seriously Silly

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This is the book that thousands of kid show magicians agree is the bible of kids magic. If you want to learn how to be a great magician for children, this is the way to do it.

There are only a handful of these books available. After that it will be out of print. Get yours now.

“Seriously Silly”

How to Entertain Children with Magic and Comedy

Announcing a complete guide to performing magic for children. New York’s top kid show magician, featured on television, in newspapers, and magazines, shares his secrets of success. Featuring six never-before published routines, 27 secrets of funnier routines, 7 essays, plus 21 tips to keep parents from talking during your show, and more! Work more and make more money!

The reviews have been excellent! Michael Close in Magic magazine wrote, “This book may well become the definitive resource on this type of magic. For the kid show performer it is indispensable. Highly recommended.” And in Genii, Jamy Ian Swiss called it, “Quite possibly the smartest book ever written about performing magic for children. This is a must-have text for any practitioner of that art form.”

Turn your show into non-stop laughter with the techniques you’ll discover ONLY in this book.
Learn the psychology behind children’s behavior and how to apply that to a successful show.
Unlock the top ten keys to performing memorable children’s magic.
Get the secrets to making parents laugh, too, so you get hired again and again.
Discover simple steps that make kids demand you for their party.
Understand the differences in performing for different aged children.
Six steps to getting the most entertainment from a child volunteer.
Solving the top ten problems of performing for children.
Step by step instruction on how to create your own hilarious routines.
BONUS: Includes behind the scenes stories of working the parties of Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Susan Sarandon, and many more.
This is the first time David has released his routines to the magic community. These are his favorite routines from his hugely successful show. These will be the funniest routines you have ever performed. Illustrated with dozens of photographs.
Five minutes with a milk pitcher that will change your show completely.
The funniest Mis-Made Flag routine you have ever seen.
Win your audience over with a charming routine to perform with very shy children, even 3-year olds can be stars with this trick.
Now you can have his secrets to successful kid show magic in one idea-filled, easy to read volume.
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Read reviews of Seriously Silly!

Genii Magazine says –

“Quite possibly the smartest book ever written about children’s magic. Having read it I can assure you that there is no magician on the planet, no matter your specialty, who will not derive immeasurable if unexpected benefit from reading this book.” (Read the entire review here.)

Magic Magazine says –

“This book may well become the definitive resource on this type of magic. Seriously Silly is a tremendously valuable book, containing insights that only come from years of experience. For the kid’s show performer, it is indispensable. …highly recommended.”(Read the entire review here.)

M.U.M. Magazine says –

I believe that every kid show magician will benefit from reading this book. David’s full-day workshop at the S.A.M. Convention was extremely popular. Now he shows a fine talent for writing and teaching the rest of us the elements of performing magic for today’s kids. This is a wonderful book. (Read the entire review here.)

Terry Herbert says –

“I have just read a book that in my humble opinion is one of the best books on entertaining children ever. This is a must read for anybody who entertains children whether experienced or novice and I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Richard Kaufman says –

“There is no book regarding the performance of magic for adults that is the equal of David Kaye’s Seriously Silly. The psychological insight the author has regarding his young audience is staggering. Seriously silly offers lessons in performance and psychology that every performer, whether working for children or adults, can use to greatly enhance their shows. I don’t publish many books these days, but I had no choice here: Seriously Silly is the best book ever written on how to perform magic effectively.”

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The book contains new information never published before. However, this book also contains all the information from the lecture notes: Kid Show Kliff Notes, How to Perform the Perfect Kid Show Trick, and Solving the Top 10 Problems. That information has been greatly expanded and updated.

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