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Mouth Coils 2.0

Mouth Coils 2.0

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You can SEE what makes Mouth Coils 2.0 the best mouth coils available today. With three unique features not found in any other mouth coil, this is the coil for the professional entertainer. 12 coils in each pack.

Mouth coils have stayed exactly the same for more than 50 years. So I thought I would see if I could bring something new to this classic of kid shows.

After more than two years of R&D, I am now able to release to the magic community Mouth Coils 2.0. The only mouth coils with three new features that make it the best mouth coil available today.

1. The EZ Pull Tab

Mouth Coils 2.0 is the only mouth coil with the EZ Pull Tab. (See photo) These coils are ready to perform out of the box. No more need to wrestle with pulling the tiny paper out of the coil to get it ready. It’s ready to go now!

2. Color Change Effect

Mouth Coils 2.0 is the only mouth coil with Color Change Effect. Start by pulling a long streamer of white paper out of your mouth. Then suddenly the white streamer turns into rainbow colors! This Color Change jump starts the attention of your audience and makes your routine stronger.

3. Longer, Yet Smaller!

Mouth Coils 2.0 is the longest 25-foot coil (That’s because it’s actually 27 feet long!) yet it is SMALLER than other brands. So it is easier to palm and it feels more comfortable in your mouth.

Left: Mouth Coil 2.0, on the right, is not as wide as the competition.

Below: Mouth Coil 2.0, on the right, is not as tall or as wide as the competition. Yet, it is longer than all of them.

Each coil is handmade by our expert paper craftsman using the best paper. Mouth Coils 2.0 are the best mouth coils you can buy.

PLUS Mouth Coils 2.0 comes with a link to PDF instructions for dozens of new routines for your new mouth coils. And they come in a resealable bag! You get one dozen mouth coils in each pack.

But There’s More…

Low-priced brands of mouth coil are flooding the market, manufactured in places like China and India. With low prices comes crappy coils. These coils have problems such as: bad taste, bad smell, ink dyes that stain your lips and fingers, and worst of all, cheap paper that tears easily. You want to put that in your mouth?

Even if you can get past the bad smell, your performance suffers because your paper keeps tearing.

Mouth Coils 2.0 are made using the finest tissue paper available. The colors are vivid. (See photo, right) And there is no smell, no taste, and the high quality paper won’t tear as you pull.

These coils cost more than the cheap stuff. But isn’t it worth an additional 50 cents per show to get all the advantages of performing with Mouth Coils 2.0, the professional’s choice? If you use mouth coils in your show you owe it to yourself to try these new incredible coils to see the difference for yourself.


I took what I’ve learned from performing the mouth coil thousands of times and combined that with my knowledge of magic psychology and created Mouth Coils 2.0 from the ground up.

First, I didn’t like that I had to get tweezers and pull the paper out before using the coil. I knew there had to be a way to eliminate that hassle. So I created the EZ Pull Tab. Second, unlike other coils, the paper comes out in rainbow order. This is psychologically more pleasing to the eye.

The color choices for the competition are strange. That’s because their mouth coils are designed by factory workers in China and India, not by magicians. Above Left: Very pale colors. Above Center: Dark colors, including black! Above Right: Too much blue.

Right: Mouth Coils 2.0. with Vivid Colors in Rainbow Order. You can see the difference. And so can your audience.

The third improvement, the Color Change Effect, is a strategy to increase the entertainment experience for your audience. When an audience sees a mouth coil being produced, they eventually get used to the idea that paper is coming from a strange location and the excitement wanes.

But in Mouth Coils 2.0 the first third of the paper streamer is white. So just as the audience begins to get bored, the white streamer changes into red. This surprises them and raises their excitement level. Then the paper continues changing into other colors. This boosts the level of entertainment so that the trick ends at a higher point. See graph below.

If you do Mouth Coils in your show you owe it to yourself to try Mouth Coils 2.0. I am confident these will become your favorite mouth coils.

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