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6 Foot Airship Wand

6 Foot Airship Wand

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The Best New Funny Wand For Your Show. A Gigantic Inflatable Wand That Packs Flat And Inflates To 6 Feet Tall! Your young child assistant waves it but it is too big. It's hilarious!

A Gigantic Inflatable Wand That Packs Flat And Inflates To 6 Feet Tall!

Welcome to the best new funny wand for your show. A 6 foot long inflatable wand.

I have always loved the routine where you use bigger and bigger wands in sequence, ending with a giant wand. But since I do mostly birthday parties in people’s homes I wanted the finale wand to be 6 feet long, not 10 or 12 feet long. Also, I didn’t want to have to make an extra trip from the car just to carry in an additional carry bag containing 10 styrofoam wands and a giant wand. So I created the Six Foot Airship Wand.

This wand packs so small it fits in your pocket. So now you can have a show that fills the room even though it takes up no space in your case.

This wand is made from the thickest rubber sheet available, similar to the sides of a bouncing castle. The nozzle is also the best available.

Plus it comes with 2 small wands (pictured below left) so you can do the bigger and bigger wands routine right away. See how small this packs below right.

This inflates like a beach ball. You can inflate it by mouth. It is very easy to do. The nozzle is a premium nozzle which is large so a lot of air goes in at once and it also is one of those that when you are not blowing into it the air doesn’t come out. It takes about 30 seconds to inflate. You can deflate it and use it over and over. It takes about 20 seconds to deflate.


• Do a routine where you need bigger and bigger magic wands to make the magic work. The 6 Foot Airship Wand is your final wand in the sequence.

• Instead of the bigger and bigger wand routine, you can use this Airship Wand at the end of a sequence of assorted funny wands that you hand to your child helper.

• Have the child wave this giant wand and, because it is difficult for a child to handle, the wand hits you in a hilarious slapstick way. If you do not fully inflate the wand then when the child waves it he will have even more trouble controlling it.

• The kids think this is hilarious and the parents can’t stop taking pictures.

• YOU wave the wand and it “accidentally” hits the kids. It’s a little crazy, but I love doing this.

• For a big surprise, just use this giant wand on its own, without the build up of smaller wands.

• Use the 6 Foot Airship Wand in your promo photos!

• Display this 6 Foot Airship Wand in your Magic Room.

Give it to your kids to play with at the beach or in the pool.

It’s proof their dad is a magician!


Do a routine where you need bigger and bigger magic wands to make the magic work. Start off with the two small wands, which are included, then add your own larger wands for a longer sequence, if you wish. For example you can use Silly Billy’s two foot long Jumbo Inflatable Wand (available at Or use Silly Billy’s Silly Wand by simply stretching the Silly Wand bigger and bigger each time (also at

Start the routine with the smallest wand. Try to do magic by waving the magic wand but it doesn’t work. Explain that you need a bigger wand. Then continue using bigger and bigger wands. The magic still doesn’t work. Until you use this 6 Foot Airship Wand as your final wand. When the Airship Wand makes it’s appearance the audience goes wild

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